I didn't know what I was thinking when I split up the blog, made a new one purely for painting stuff! But now I'm merging them together again, in a new place: www.evajovita.com

I'm so excited about this new blog where I can continue to share a little portion of my life. A bit sad to leave this blog, it has been with me since college time, many sad, true and happy moments recorded here but the new blog will document a beginning of a new phase for my family and I can't be more excited and thankful for that. So, see you all there.

.: March 23, 2013 :.

Hubby picked our Brunch spot again this week, it was Selfish Gene. This Saturday also marked the last watercolor workshop session at Raffles… yes, it was an outdoor session this week yay. Alright, back to Brunch thingy. I ordered my all time breakfast favorite, two poached eggs on smoked salmon and toasted bread. Well, I was surprised, the bread tasted sooo good I can eat it without put any spread on it. Just because of the bread, this place goes among my top list.


Selfish jean 1

Selfish jean 2

.: March 16, 2013 :.

This small yet super adorable vintage cafe is located in Upper Bukit Timah, quite a distance away from city center but definitely worth the trip to step in and to admire the decor. I love vintage and the word clearly describe this cafe. Just look at those plates and tea cups, and oh the stuff they display on the store! I was drooling at them all. So I was glad that hubby picked this place for our brunch place of the week, and I thought I heard him wrong when he said he loved the decor and would definitely love to go back there again. I thought only me who secretly rejoicing and jumping up and down inside by the sight of all-vintage store haha 

Well, that's the interior, how about the food? They serve off-the-tray food, the same style as Starbucks, I like their lemon tart. I just wish that I could have something more heavier to choose from than just a quiche and sandwich.


Carpenter and cook 11

Carpenter and cook 13

Carpenter and cook 2

Carpenter and cook 3

.: March 9, 2013 :.

Hmm where do I begin with this post? At first, we were so excited knowing that the place we were going to was inside the botanical garden premise. I mean, surrounded by lush and beautiful garden, for sure the cafe would also be beautiful and cozy, no? Well, no. Food for Thought located just beside the basement car park. I was sooo disappointed and almost turned my back on it if I didn't remember the taxi fare costed just to get there! The inside I gotta admit is not that bad with high ceiling and wide space, but I couldn't get over the green thing that apparently was there on every table. It's supposed to remind you on going green but hey at least the staff could make some effort to clean the thing. It's broken and falling apart and just made me lost my appetite. The overall look reminds me so much of a cafeteria. Maybe it's cozy enough for garden strollers after hours combing the garden, but not if you go there on purpose to relax. But kudos for the food, they're good.

Oh I want some foam design on my cappuccino (kicking my legs)! It's one thing that get me 'high' and look forward to whenever I order one. This one look rather plain, eh?




.: March 2, 2013 :.

Hubby picked this week's brunch spot, The Epicurious. We like the location and we got the best table facing the Singapore river. Soon after we got our table, the long queue had already formed. It's how famous this little cafe is. It doesn't have too many seatings and I simply love the humble wood table and dinnerware. Unpretentious. 

Epicurious 1

Epicurious 1  1


I ordered two poached eggs and wild mushroom topped with cheese, another poached egg served in a style I've never tried before.

Epicurious 2  1

Epicurious 3

.: February 23, 2013 :.

We are back at the Dempsey Hill! Yes, the area is teeming with cute and cozy cafes and I can see us coming here very often in the future. Well, for this time round, we planned to visit The Barracks which was closed a few weeks ago. From the outside, there's nothing much you can see, as what the name suggests, the outer appearance still very much resembles a barrack. But once you step in, a cozy but quirky interior awaits you. Their menu looks like a newspaper, clever. 

We ordered skinny pizza, fries with truffle oil, a seafood platter. Err not too fond of the skinny pizza though, the skin is like super super thin crispy crepe when what I want for my pizza is thin dough so at least there's  something for me to chew.

The barracks 2


~ Fries with truffle oil ~

The barracks 5

The barracks 9

The barracks 12

The barracks 14

.: February 16, 2013 :.

Hola, back with yet another post of cozy cafe. This time we went to PS. Cafe, located in Dempsey Hill. Love love love the place, I mean, look at it, with huge and tall glass all around it? Sitting inside or outside really doesn't make any difference thanks to the glass wall.


IMG 2809


Ps cafe

And ooh, the beautiful display of cakes! At once, my eyes found the green tart, it was key lime tart. The taste? Divine. The filling was buttery and had a fresh key-lime taste in it, not that fake, superficial flavoring.

IMG 2812


I ordered a shepherd pie and roasted pumpkin soup with the usual mocha latte. I like the plating, just look at it makes me hungry :D As for hubby, he ordered sandwich which I found the taste was quite okay. Overall, we love the ambiance, the location, … and its key lime tart. 

shepherd pie

IMG 2877

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